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History in physical properties testing

Somewhere in the 1970’s, Paul Bruggeman moved from The Netherlands to Lauda in Germany. He started working together with Mr. Walter Herzog to develop laboratory instruments for testing physical properties of petroleum products according to ASTM methods. Instruments for tests such as atmospheric distillation, flash point, cloud & pour point, cold filter plugging point, viscosity, vapor pressure, etc.

In those days, all these tests were carried out by hand. If the test required something to be heated, a flame was used. Need to cool something? Take an ice water bath. Measure a temperature? Use a mercury thermometer. Any sample detection and data logging were done by the operator, simply with the use of pen and paper.

Being “tech savvy”, Paul stood front in line when the first computer came out, and he started to think about ways to use computer automation in petroleum tests. When he left Herzog GmbH as a Director in 1995, the company had a reputation for having innovative, high quality instruments.

4 years later, after having moved back to The Netherlands, ideas for product improvement started to itch and Paul went back to the drawing table. In 2002, his new-found company Orbis released the automatic distillation unit PAMSTILL.

After some other side projects, Egon Bruggeman stepped in and started to support his father in development. This led to the 2013-release of PAMv2, the 2nd generation distillation unit, followed by AirSTAR CFPP (2015), AirSTAR CPPP (2017), AirProbe D86 (2018) and STARDist 3rd generation distillation unit (2019).

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Our Mission

Making petroleum analyzers that save customers time and money, while producing highly precise, accurate and method-according test results.

Our Passion

Using technology’s latest innovations to make our instruments reliable, smart and easy to use, while maximizing performance and efficiency. And all that within a slim design.