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Air Foam Bath Modules

Air Foam Bath Modules

Air foam bath Modules for performing the test at 24’c, 93.5’c and 150’c.


Model: FT-D892-A-1-H Air foam bath for performing the test at 93.5’c or 150’c.

Model: FT-D892-A-1-C Air foam bath for performing tests at 24’c.



ONE test position with built-in Mass Flow Controller for precisely controlling the Incoming Air flow, and built-in Totalizer for exit air measurement (As specified in D892 Section 6.3.1).

The unit is modular and compact and is fully equipped to run ONE test position. This affords the client the choice of using as many independent units as needed. The bath medium is air and eliminates the use of traditional bath liquids. Liquid bath mediums are potentially dangerous and also cause cross contamination of samples especially where Silicon oil mediums are used.

The Heated air bath modules are safe and clean. The Forza bath is a well-lit, well-insulated air foam-heating bath with a scratchproof high temperature glass for good visibility allowing for easy monitoring of foaming test oils.

The Cold air bath modules are equipped with built in unique built-in hybrid cooling system to work at warmer temperature (No external Chiller needed).

A microprocessor-based state of the art system controls temperature, Air Mass Flow, Totals and timers. The air start, stop and settle timers are automatic. Volume of the Foam & Time of total Foam dispersion have to be visually / manually verified and calculated.


Supplied with,

  1. FT-D892-OAT: Glass outlet air tube (1 Qty)
  2. FT-D892-AIT: Air inlet tube (1 Qty)
  3. FT-D892-MD Mott (or) Norton Diffuser of customer choice
  4. FT-D892-TT Air foam 1000 ml Test Tube with collar