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AirProbe D86

AirProbe D86

Digital Thermometer for Manual Distillation Testing

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Replace the ASTM 7C & 8C mercury thermometer and enjoy the benefits of digital while still producing “mercury-type results”.


In short

AirProbe is a compact device that fits onto a Pt100 temperature probe. It communicates via bluetooth with an iPad/iPhone. The AirProbe D86 app lets users create custom test programs, enter sample ID, monitor en record temperature & time real-time, store up to 20000 test results and do much more.




Temperature data are corrected to atmospheric pressure directly from AirProbe’s built-in barometer and microprocessor.



ASTM 7C / 8C emulation

Unique about AirProbe D86 is the dynamic simulation of Mercury ASTM 7C & 8C behavior, making real-time corrections for emergent stem and lag-time.



For any manual D86 unit

With automatic temperature recording, FBP detection, time control, speed feedback, results validation, LIMS/print options and an app loaded with features, AirProbe D86 is a true upgrade in automation for any existing manual distillation unit.




Note: the video shows both the AirProbe D86 and the Orbis STARDist Lite unit. AirProbe D86 can be used with any existing manual distillation unit.