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Cloud Point Head Pour Point Head

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All the aspects and parts required for Cloud & Pour Point testing are housed inside the hand-held CPPP Head.



An advanced camera looks down from the top into the jar. Because it sees through the entire sample (Cloud Point) and looks at the entire sample surface (Pour Point), the detection is not limited to only a single spot in the sample.

AirSTAR’s CPPP camera mimics the human eye observation in the manual methods ASTM D2500 (Cloud Point) and ASTM D97 (Pour Point).


Lifting and tilting of the jar

The CPPP Head lifts the jar out from the bath at every test interval (both with Cloud and  Pour Point). With the Pour Point it also tilts the jar when it is in its top position.

These motions mimic the procedures of the manual methods ASTM D2500 and D97.

As an additional benefit: operators can see the sample with their own eyes at every test interval to verify that the camera’s detection is indeed accurate.


Temperature probe

Standard delivery includes two metal probes. A longer probe, for the Cloud Point test, and a shorter version for the Pour Point test.

With a simple click the thermometer is put in position. A built-in chip inside the probe stores:

  • Its unique ID
  • A tag that says whether it is a Cloud or a Pour point probe. Upon starting a test the Head checks whether the correct probe type is connected
  • Its unique calibration data to ensure that whichever thermometer is connected, the CPPP Head reads the correct temperatures


Test jar

The test jar is connected to the Head by a ring of magnets. It is stable during the test and easy to remove / attach.


Wireless power

The CPPP Head is powered via induction when placed in the ColdBlock or the Cleaning-Docking Station.

Because the ColdBlock recognizes which Head is physically placed on top, a “multiple-Head” installation is not a problem. The entire wire-free design makes operation and swapping Heads easy.

Tip: As a solution called “CPPP Automator”, the CPPP Head can be used on an existing manual CPPP cooling bath, thereby automating the Cloud or Pour Point test.

The CPPP Automator installation requires an iPad, a CPPP Head, a bath support ring and a Wifi router for local connection between iPad and CPPP Head.

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