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AFNOR – Automated Filterability Tester

AFNOR – Automated Filterability Tester

Model: HFLT-AFNOR-AT-2/4

Automated Apparatus for Hydraulic Oil Filterability test, compliance with ASTM D8277, AFNOR NEF E48-690/691, and ISO 13357.

TWO, FOUR test positions models available, each position is independently controlled by a Windows-based Touchscreen PC.


  • The test positions are independently controlled by a Windows-based PC and Software (included)
  • User friendly software provides sleek interface to apparatus to perform tests automatically and to save the results in the database.
  • Internal Precision Digital Pressure Regulator maintains test pressure.
  • Test pressure can be set, controlled, and calibrated from the software provided along with the unit. Starting and stopping of the air flow by electronic solenoid valves.
  • Built in High Precision Mass Sensors.
  • Supplied with pressure cylinders, receiving glass cylinders and other accessories to perform the basic operations of the unit.



The main unit includes the below items,

  • Glass receiving cylinder: Qty -04
  • Load cell, Qty -04
  • Metal pressure cylinder, Qty - 04
  • Hose with quick disconnect fitting, Qty -04
  • Filter paper, pack of 100, 0.8-micron
  • Nitrocellulose Membrane Qty -01
  • Windows-based PC Qty -01

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