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Cigre Bath, Oxidation Apparatus

Cigre Bath, Oxidation Apparatus

Model: OXI-IP48-B-12

IP 48 – Apparatus (Cigre Bath) for Determination of Oxidation Characteristics of Lubricating oils. Heated Aluminium Block Oxidation Bath, 12 test positions with 12 flowmeters


Forza Model: OXI-IP48-B-12 is a Benchtop Heated Aluminium Block Oxidation Bath, 12 positions, 12 flowmeters, having oxygen flow regulated at 15 ±0.25 L/hr for conformance to the IP48 test method.

  • Heated Aluminium Block – DRY Apparatus
  • Precision Control Valve Flow meters
  • Temperature Range +50° to +200°C
  • Temperature Stability of ±0.2°C


Each test position accepts the associated absorption tube in its own support attached to the top. Twelve floats in tube flow meters are provided mounted on a separate support rack.

An over temperature control circuit prevents over temperature conditions in the event of primary controller failure.


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