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Cleaning-Docking Station

Cleaning-Docking Station

Cleaning Station for CFPP Head,Docking Station for all Heads

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Ideal for CFPP Cleaning Cycles. Or convenient as docking station in a multiple-head setup.



After the test the CFPP Head is placed in the Cleaning-Docking Station. The CFPP Head does its cleaning cycles by pumping cleaning solvent into the pipette. After the cycles have finished, the cleaning solvent can be removed to start the drying cycle.

Note: according to the method, the filter unit and filter holder must be dismantled and cleaned manually in between each test. Using the Cleaning-Docking station for cleaning does not change that, and should be considered a cleaning solution for the pipette and the Pt100 only. 


Wireless power

Just like the ColdBlock, the Cleaning-Docking station powers the Heads via induction. De station itself is powered by a micro USB adapter. The power is required for:

  • Running the CFPP cleaning cycles
  • Keeping the Head “activated”
  • Charging the inside battery

Note 1: although the Cleaning-Docking station is an ideal solution for cleaning with CFPP testing, it is not required. Disassembling the Head and cleaning the individual parts is still very much possible, and in fact the standard operation procedure of most other CFPP instruments in the market. 

Note 2: it is not required for a Head to stay activated when not in test; as soon as it comes in contact with wireless power it activates by itself.


..or no wireless power

The Cleaning-Docking station is also available in a version without the wireless power function. In this case it acts as just a docking station for a Head that is not in test. Ideal to put away an extra Head in a multiple-Head installation.

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Dimensions 16 × 7 × 16 cm

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