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Corrosion Test Apparatus

Corrosion Test Apparatus

Model: OXI-D130-IP227-L-XSilver Strip Corrosion, and Copper Corrosion Manual Liquid Bath.

Model: CSC-130- L-8, is a stainless-steel liquid bath able to accept 8 Pressure vessel (or) 8 Test Tube, for ASTM D130 and IP227


  • Working Temperature: 40° to 120°C, with suitable bath medium.
  • Bath Temperature stability: within ±1 °C of the test temperature.
  • Display type: Digital temperature control
  • Temperature controller resolution: 0.1°C
  • Mechanisms to prevent Overheating
  • A float switch for low bath fluid level safety cut-off.

Accessories Available:

  • Corrosion pressure vessels
  • Silicon carbide paper - 240/150 grit
  • Copper and Silver test strips
  • Glass test tubes for D130 & IP227
  • ASTM corrosion code standard
  • Suitable Lid cover
  • Polishing Multi Strip Holding Vice.
  • Cold finger condenser for IP 227
  • Glass cradle for IP 227.

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