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Filter Blocking Tendency Apparatus

Filter Blocking Tendency Apparatus

The Forza Filter Blocking Tendency (FFBT) is an automated instrument designed to test the Filter Blocking Tendency of middle distillate fuels, and biodiesel and biodiesel blends.

The FBT conforms to ASTM D2068 and IP 387.

FORZA Model: FFBT-D2068-AT


  • Fully automated system (User only Fill the reservoir)
  • Auto purge mode to clean lines and prime pump
  • Constant Flow of 20mL/min with a high precision pump
  • Digital sensor for fluid volume measurement
  • Integrated digital pressure transducers for measuring and monitoring differential pressure across filter.
  • RTD probe for temperature measurement
  • Automatic Result Calculation - Calculated at 300mL OR Pressure reaches 105 kPa
  • Touchscreen with Windows - High Resolution, Capacitive Touch
  • Data Acquisition and Storage
  • Results Data Storage
  • Report Printing Capabilities (connected via external printer)

Main unit Supplied with,

    • FBT Glass Beaker: sample reservoir.
    • FBT Glass Beaker: receiver beaker.
    • FBT Filter Assembly / Kit for Method A.

Sample type