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Hydrolytic Stability Bottle Tumbler / Oven (Beverage Bottle Method)

Hydrolytic Stability Bottle Tumbler / Oven (Beverage Bottle Method)

Model: HYBT-D2619-10

Hydrolytic Stability Bottle Tumbler / Oven, compliance ASTM D2619. It is a Heated oven for rotating TEN 200 ml (7 oz) bottles at 93°C. The temperature stability of ±0.5°C is maintained by digital indicating PID controller.


  • Top opening insulated hood
  • Conforms to ASTM D2619
  • Temperature range 30° to 110°C
  • Temperature stability ±0.5°C
  • 10 sample bottle capacity

The bottles are rotated at 5 rpm as specified by ASTM D2619. The rotational speed is digitally displayed and adjustable. An on-off switch is provided for the rotating rack. The rotating bottles. The top opening insulated cover allows easy access to the sample bottles.

The temperature uniformity in the oven is maintained by a forced air blower. The unit is protected by a high temperature safety switch that will shut off the electric heater in case of the primary controller failure.

A down timer is provided that will sound a continuous alarm when the selected time has elapsed.


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