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Low Temperature Manual Viscosity Bath D445

Low Temperature Manual Viscosity Bath D445

FORZA LTKV/MLTKV/ULTKV-445-L-4 is a low temperature refrigerated Manual Liquid bath specially designed to perform low temperature kinematic viscosity tests between -70’C and +15’C., with windows based sleek touch panel. Working (top) surface has FOUR round ports for viscometer and Viscometer holders. The ULTKV models can be converted to Manual freeze point test with an additional stirring module.


The unit consists of a Dewar jar which contains a vigorously stirred bath medium that is thermostatically controlled by state-of-the-art microprocessor based electronic controller capable of controlling to a resolution of 0.02’C with a bath stability of +/- 0.05’C.

The working top has ports that accommodate FOUR viscometers. The lighted bath is surrounded by a sleek powder coated metal cabinet that allows high visibility.

A windows based sleek touch panel is provided with intuitive D445 Compatible software to manage the timers of the tests for the samples. This software has database support where the constants of the viscometer tubes may be installed, and the calculations made and recorded.



  • Digital microprocessor precise temperature control with an accuracy of +/- 0.02°C
  • Temperature stability of +/- 0.05°C
  • Windows based sleek touch panel providing timers for the test and calculating and recording the results for D445
  • Bath volume: Approx.18 litters
  • Minimum Temperature: +15°C
  • Maximum Temperature: -25°C, -40°C,-70°C with
  • 4 Viscometer positions
  • Working (top) surface has FOUR round ports viscometer /viscometer holders.
  • Integrated back light
  • Thermally insulated front window for a clear view of the inside
  • Environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigeration system compressor
  • Built-in safety features for over temperature and low liquid level conditions.
  • Completely self-contained

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