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Oxidation Stability (Liquid Bath)

Oxidation Stability (Liquid Bath)

Agitated Manual liquid bath for the determination of oxidation stability of fuels and lubricant, from 4 to 18 test position models available.

Oxidation Stability Apparatus - Liquid Bath, designed to perform the below mentioned ASTM test procedures,


  • ASTM D943: Oxidation Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oils
  • ASTM D2893: Oxidation Characteristics of Extreme-Pressure Lubrication Oils
  • ASTM D2274/EN ISO 12205: Oxidation Stability of Distillate Fuel Oil
  • ASTM D2440: Oxidation Stability of Mineral Insulating Oil
  • ASTM D4871: Universal Oxidation/Thermal Stability Test Apparatus
  • ASTM D6594: Corrosiveness of Diesel Engine Oil at 135°C
  • DKA A – CEC L 48 Oxidation: ATF and Gear Oil Testing
  • S200 Oxidation: For Lubricants / Engine Oil


Key Features:

  • Agitated liquid bath from 4 to 18 test position models available.
  • Digital indicating PID temperature control maintains ±0.1°C stability.
  • Temperature range of 40° to 150°C.
  • Supplied with Flowmeter-Rotameter or MFC for each test position.
  • Over Temperature safety cut off.
  • Low level safety cut off switch.
  • Supplied with: Oxygen/Air Delivery Tube, Test Tube, Condenser, Test specimens, filter assembly, Vacuum/Air pump etc.