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Total Nitrogen Analyzer TN 6000

Total Nitrogen Analyzer TN 6000

TN 6000 – Combustion Elemental Analysis for Total Nitrogen


The TSHR Total Nitrogen Analyzer, model TN 6000, is designed to run in routine and research development environments, Total Nitrogen analysis in a wide range of liquids, solids and LPG/Gas sample types down from low ppb to high ppm levels.

The TN 6000 model makes use of horizontal sample introduction and high temperature oxidation followed by chemiluminescence detection, which makes it possible to analyze sample through syringe and boat sample introduction modules.

The TN 6000 can be optional extended with the TSHR HR 7000 series liquid autosampler for support both syringe and boat introduction at high performance and reliability. This solution provides a fully automated total nitrogen analyzer, which can be extended to a capacity of 121 samples automatic analysis and cooling or heated sample tray capabilities.

Also the optional addition of a TS-UVF module and/or TX module makes the TSHR 6000 series a versatile combustion elemental analysis solution.