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Total Sulfur Analyzer TS 6000

Total Sulfur Analyzer TS 6000

TS 6000 – Combustion Elemental Analysis for Total Sulfur


The TSHR Total Sulfur Analyzer, model TS 6000, is the ideal solution for both research and routine applications with excellent modularity and delivers accurate Total Sulfur data. The TS 6000 incorporates a high-end pulsed UV-Fluorescence detector which provides superior stability, low detection limits and exceptional linearity in compliance with stringent regulatory methods.

The TS 6000 model makes use of horizontal sample introduction and high temperature oxidation followed by UV-Fluorescence detection, which makes it possible to analyze sample through syringe and boat sample introduction modules.

The TS 6000 can be optional extended with the TSHR HR 7000 series liquid autosampler for support both syringe and boat introduction at high performance and reliability, and optional upgraded with a Total Chlorine (TX) module.