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Water Separability Apparatus

Water Separability Apparatus

Model: WS-D1401-L-7; a Seven test positions apparatus that meets the full requirements of ASTM D1401 and related Water Separability (Demulsability) methods. The unit equipped with Windows based color touch panel.

  • 7 Test positions
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass Jar with protective transparent shield.
  • Windows Based color touch panel, for managing the test parameters, storing, and transferring the results.
  • Well-lit side peripheral excellent visibility bath allowing easy monitoring of emulsion separation status.
  • Operational temperature range: Ambient +5'c to 95’c.
  • Bath stability is better than +/- 0.5'c.
  • Temperature Controller Accuracy + 0.05'c.
  • Sample stirrer speed in rpm with 1 rpm resolution.




  • Precision sample stirrer Motor (unaffected by voltage fluctuations) for 1500 +/- 1 rpm, Adjustable.
  • Scratch proof high visibility shield affords protection and prevents temperature upsets.
  • Temperature calibrations can be performed in the calibration screen.
  • 7 on screen timers (adjustable) are provided for monitoring the status of each sample, and observance of separation.
  • Stirring time remaining for the test and alarm at the end.
  • Advanced Software Data Platform contains 36 Unique Data Points - 12 per hour (each 5 minutes up to 60) on 3 layers of sample (Water, Oil, and Emulsified Layer) - Total over 250 unique data points across 7 test positions.
  • Data Points are ASTM compliant - descriptions match exactly as prescribed by ASTM test methods.
  • Database to store all test results and hence Significant reduction in workflow for lab user.
  • Sample stirrer motor’s horizontal position is fixed while vertical elevating motion is allowed. This allows repeatable concentric positioning with sample tubes, which is critical. Special turntable with lock pin mechanism enhances concentricity. Minimized length of motor shaft prevents the run out.
  • The buffed and polished paddle is machined from a single piece of stainless stock and not welded. This eliminates contamination in crevices and thereby eliminates erroneous results.
  • The unit is protected from low liquid level safety float switch. Also provided is a high temperature limit to prevent the unit from achieving temperatures higher than desired.