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Paragon Scientific Limited specialise in the production of premium quality reference materials that include Distillation, Cloud Point, Pour Point, Cold Filter Plugging Point, Density, Flash Point, Liquid Colour, Refractive Index, TAN/TBN and Viscosity standards, many of which under ISO 17034 certification accredited by UKAS.



Paragon’s viscosity standards, viscometer calibration, density standards and sucrose RI standards are all covered by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditation to the International Standard BS/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 – 2005, in addition to this the Refractive Index standards are manufactured conforming to ICUMSA (1974).

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Calibration standards

Reference standards

Viscosity standards
  • General Purpose Viscosity Reference Standards
  • Cone and Plate Viscosity
  • Cold Cranking Simulator Viscosity
  • Flow Cup Viscosity
  • Low Temperature Viscosity
  • High Temperature Viscosity
  • Medical Viscosity
  • Mineral Oil Rotational Viscosity
  • Silicone Rotational Viscosity
  • Small Sample Viscosity
  • Pure Water Viscosity Standard
  • Special Blend Viscosity
Certified pH buffer solutions

Paragon’s certified pH buffer range include solutions for pH 4.00, 7.00 and 10.00 certified at either 20 °C or 25 °C, and are accurate within ± 0.01 at 20 °C and within ± 0.01 at 25 °C.

Colour standards
  • AOCS Tintometer Colour Reference
  • ASTM (ASTM D6045, D1500) Colour Reference
  • Gardner (ASTM D1544, D6166) Colour Reference
  • Lovibond RYBN Colour Reference
  • Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA (ASTM D1209) Colour Reference
  • Saybolt (ASTM D6045, D156) Colour Reference
Conductivity standards

Conductivity has a wide range of applications and is used in various industries including, semiconductor manufacturing, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, metal and mining, textiles, pulp and paper and environmental monitoring of water quality. In most cases conductivity is an aqueous based test where it proportionally reflects the degree of water purity, the lower the conductivity of water the higher it’s purity.

Density standards
  • Pure Water Density Standards
  • 15°C Density Standards
  • 20°C Density Standards
  • 25°C Density Standards
  • 40°C Density Standards
  • 50°C Density Standards
  • 60°C Density Standards
  • 80°C Density Standards
  • 100°C Density Standards
  • 150°C Density Standards
Refractive Index standards
  • Sucrose Brix/RI Standards
  • Refractive Index Certified Reference Materials
  • Refractive Index and Density Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Materials
Relative Density standards
  • 15 °C Relative Density Standards
  • 20 °C Relative Density Standards
  • 25 °C Relative Density Standards
Secondary working Flash Point standards
  • Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point
  • Pensky Martens Flash Pointvanced settings.
Sulfur standards
  • Kerosene (odourless) Sulfur Standards
  • Kerosene (odourless) Sulfur Standards Kits
  • Light Mineral Oil Sulfur Standards
  • Light Mineral Oil Sulfur Standards Kits
  • Heavy Mineral Oil Sulfur Standards
  • Heavy Mineral Oil Sulfur Standards Kits
  • Synthetic Diesel Sulfur Standards
  • Synthetic Diesel Sulfur Standards Kits
Total Acid Number (TAN) standards

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Total Base Number (TBN) standards

See all TBN standards here

Viscosity check oils

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Certified Ethanol standards

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Smoke Point Reference Fuel Blends

See all Smoke Point Reference Fuel blends

Reference standards

CFPP standards

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Cloud Point standards

See all Cloud Point standards

Pour Point standards

See all Pour Point standards

Distillation standards

See all distillation standards

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME)

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Density standards

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Sulphur / Mercaptan Sulphur standards

See all sulphur standards

Flash Point standards

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Freezing Point standards

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Fuels testing standards

Fuels Testing Standards – Jet Aviation Fuel

Fuels Testing Standards – Gasoline

Fuels Testing Standards – Diesel

Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Materials
  • Diesel Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Material
  • Lubricant Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Material
  • Refractive Index and Density Multi-Parameter Certified Reference Materials