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Cloud Point – Pour Point – Cold Filter Plugging Point – Distillation

At ORBIS BV we design and manufacture instruments for physical properties testing. For tests that are typically carried out in the energy industry.
We love to find / design technical innovations to make our instruments more accurate, faster, smaller and easier to use. 

STARDist micro

NEW! STARDist micro is our fast and easy alternative to ASTM D86 atmospheric distillation testing. With only 10ml of sample each test is finished in under 10 minutes!

Its “micro distillation method” ASTM D7345 is approved in the fuel specifications for Gasoline (D4814), Diesel (D975) and Jet Fuel (D1655) and used by production facilities, mobile labs, fuel terminals and testing laboratories.

Precise and accurate, STARDist micro is in direct correlation with ASTM D86, ISO 3405 and IP123.

AirSTAR Cold Properties

AirSTAR is the platform that offers a 3-in-1 solution for different Cold Property tests: Cloud Point, Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point. Each of these tests is performed using the same ColdBlock integrated cooling unit and the same software user interface. Swapping CFPP Heads and CPPP Heads is easy! AirSTAR’s ColdBlock has integrated cooling, which, even going down to -105˚ C, does not require an external chiller.

Methods: ASTM D6371, D97, D6892, D2500, EN116, EN16329 (linear cooling method), IP15, IP 16, IP309, JIS K2288, 


Our latest innovation in distillation testing. STARDist is aimed at laboratories that value accurate results, great automatic performance, quality and ease of use. Including new features such as Optical Dry Point detection, PreScan, and more.

Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254, and other related methods

AirProbe D86

AirProbe eliminates the need for a mercury thermometer during a D86 test. The in-house developed correction for lag time and emergent stem guarantees true emulation of ASTM 7C & 8C behavior. AirProbe is a little device that fits onto a Pt100 probe and it communicates via bluetooth with an iPod/iPhone app. The app lets users create custom test programs, enter sample ID, monitor en record temperature & time real-time, store up to 20000 test results and do much more.

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