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STARDist Lite

STARDist Lite

Semi-Automatic Atmospheric Distillation

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Built with the same hardware as its Fully Automatic brother STARDist, the Semi Automatic “Lite” version offers quality and convenience in manual distillation testing.


Touch screen

STARDist Lite is equipped with a built-in iPod. The in-house designed STARDist Lite app is made for:

  • Easy and precise heater power control
  • Monitor & control of condenser temperature (with ramping feature to prevent waxing with “heavy group 4 samples”)
  • Regulating fan speed for after-test cooling
  • Easy calibration workflows, user settings, instrument diagnostics


Condenser cooling

The same solid-state condenser cooling system as in STARDist offers :

  • No liquids, valves or pumps involved
  • Thermo-electric cooling (Peltier) with heat pipe technology for fast and efficient heat extraction
  • User adjustable during distillation test
  • Maintenance friendly


Fire safety

With its built-in UV fire detection and fire extinguishing system, STARDist Lite is the world’s safest distillation unit for manual distillation testing.

Note: requires N2/CO2 supply from the lab (pressure 3 – 4.5 Bar)


AirProbe D86

STARDist Lite integrates with AirProbe D86. This “digital D86 thermometer”  is designed by Orbis to:

  • Replace the old mercury thermometer in D86 testing
  • Emulate the ASTM 7C / 8C behavior (lag time and emergent stem correction)
  • Increase reproducibility and make life easy for D86 operators
  • Store, print and export test results
Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 63 cm

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