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Cold Filter Plugging Point Head

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All the aspects and parts required for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing are housed inside the CFPP Head.



The small yet advanced vacuum system measures and controls the (negative) pressure in real-time throughout every individual sample aspiration.

Unique is AirSTAR’s ability to store the actual-used vacuum per each aspiration.

Tip: any uncertainty on vacuum during a test can be settled by looking at the vacuum profiles of individual aspirations.


Sample detection

Small laser lights – one in the bottom and two in the top of the pipette – ensure accurate detection of the sample.

The pipette-lock ensures that the pipette sits securely within the detection zone, and the smart self-adjusting algorithm is perfectly able to deal with condensation in the bottom.


Temperature probe

Standard delivery includes an in-glass Pt100. Optionally a metal probe is available.

With a simple click the thermometer is put in position. The built-in chip stores both its unique ID and the calibration data to ensure that whichever thermometer is connected, the CFPP Head reads the correct temperatures.


Pipette, test jar & filter

In between tests and during the cleaning cycles, the pipette typically stays inside the CFPP Head, making it less prone to break.

Removing the test jar for cleaning is easy.

The filter sieve mesh is 45 micron and as a consumable available in 2 versions:

  • Fixed-pressed in the filter holder (filter sieve itself non-replaceable)
  • Loose-pressed in the filter holder (filter sieve replaceable)



Cleaning is most easy using AirSTAR’s Cleaning-Docking station.

After the test, dispose the sample and remove the filter. Then simply put the CFPP Head in the Cleaning-Docking station and push the little button on top of the Head.

After the cleaning cycles are finished, remove the cleaning beaker and start the drying cycle by pushing the button again.


Wireless power

The CFPP Head is powered via induction when placed in the ColdBlock or the Cleaning-Docking Station.

Because the ColdBlock recognizes which Head is physically placed on top, a “multiple-Head” installation is not a problem. The entire wire-free design makes operation and swapping Heads easy.


Tip: As a solution called “CFPP Automator”, the CFPP Head can be used on an existing manual CFPP cooling bath, thereby automating the Cold Filter Plugging Point test.

The CFPP Automator installation requires an iPad, a CFPP Head, a bath support ring and a Wifi router for local connection between iPad and CFPP Head.

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